Bucharest Forum on NBS

On 2-3 October we were in Bucharest for the“Bucharest Forum on Nature-Based Solutions. Re-thinking the nature of cities”, an Horizon 2020 initiative by ThinkNature.
This successful 2-day event was the occasion to bring the topic of Nature-based Solutions in the Eastern-European context, focusing on city policies, business models and technical aspects. The mix of plenary sessions, parallel sessions, workshops, as well as city field trips and the presence of Romanian keynote speakers made possible to discuss the local challenges on NBS in an engaging and interactive way.
The Forum was also the perfect setting to officially present the ThinkNature Handbook on Nature-based Solutions, a new state-of-the-art knowledge and comprehensive guide to all relevant actors involved.

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The venue of the event was the Palatul Universul. Originally constructed as office and factory for a newspaper, the building has been recently converted into an event space with design offices, boutique shops, dance and recording studio's and multiple bars.

Mezanin Palatul Universul
23-25, Actor Ion Brezoianu
010131 Bucharest, Romania


Day 1
  • Plenary Session 1
    • Introduction to ThinkNature by Nikos Nikolaidis (TUC) : Presentation
    • cities & policiesawareness, integration, collaboration by Oana Bogdan (Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects) : Presentation
  • Parallel session 1. Case Studies across Central and Eastern Europe.
    • Citizen Involvementby Emotional Mapping for Prague 6 Adaptation Strategy by Maria Kazmuková (Department of Environment of Prague City Hall) : Presentation
    • Barriersand drivers for the implementations of NbS in Romania An environmental research perspective by Cristian Ioja (University of Bucharest and Society for Urban Ecology) : Presentation
    • Climatechange adaptationmeasures Casestudy of the Bratislava Region by Martin Hakel (Department of Strategy and Regional Development, Bratislava Region) : Presentation
    • A (NAIAD) perspective on implementation of nature based solutions for disaster risk management in the Lower Danube basin by FlorentinaNanuManaging Partner (Business Development Group Romania) Presentation
  • Parallel session 2. How to implement NBS in the city? Policies, strategies & governance
    • Thinknature H2020 Project. The role of CRETE, as a Public Regional Authority by Eleni Hatziyanni(Region of Crete) : Presentation
    • Building besideswaterCase studiesin Mure watershed, Romaniaby by Klaus Birthler (Center for the built environment Mures County, Romania) : Presentation
    • Green Infrastructure in Urban Landscape of Romania Conditions of Implementation, Justifications and Limitations by Păunita Boanca (ASOP) : Presentation
  • Parallel session 3. Technical and practical aspects of NBS in urban areas
    • Intensive Green Roof Project and instalation Porto/Portugal by Paulo Palha (ANCV Green Roofs) : Presentation
    • Combining cities, harboursand salt marshes by Bente de Vries (Ecoshape) : Presentation
    • Re-thinking the nature of cities by Dimitra Theochari (MSB Landschaftsarchitekten) : Presentation
    • Co-creation of Nature-based Solutions: between technical Challenges and practical shared governance bottlenecks.THE CLEVER CITIES experience!by Israa Mahmoud (Politecnico of Milan) : Presentation
Day 2
  • Plenary Session 2
    • Ideas on Mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions by Oshani Perera (IISD) : Presentation
    • Business Models, Nature-Based Solutions and the ‘Financialisation of Infrastructure’ by Andrew Brown (University of Leeds) : Presentation
  • Parallel session 5. Capacity building and Promotion of NBS
    • Capacity Building by Giorgios Somarakis (FORTH) : Presentation
    • Think Nature Making it happen! by Erik Mink (Euda) : Presentation
    • Two case studies of NBS -multiplebenefits, barriers, failures and successes by Susanna Lehvavirta (University of Helsinki) : Presentation
    • Ecosystem Restoration NBS Case Study Koiliaris CZO – Riparian Forest Restoration and Flood Protection Study by Nikos Nikolaidis (TUC) : Presentation
  • Parallel session 6. Market potential for international synergies
    • Nature basedsolutionsin Amsterdam (Netherlands) by Peter de Ruiter (University of Amsterdam) : Presentation
    • BUCHAREST FORUM ON NBSRE-THINKING THE NATURE OF CITIES by Joao Suplicy (Panamerican Federations of Architects Asociations) : Presentation
  • Parallel session 7. Case Studies of NBS business models
    • Valuecapture and identification of Business models for NBS Examples from NAIAD project by Beatriz Major (IIASA) : Presentation
    • Business Case Business Case for Implementing NbS–A New Model? by Neil Coles (Verdant Earth) : Presentation
    • Nature-based Solutions: Social and economic implications of successful (and not so successful) case studies by Manolis Tyllianakis (University of Leeds) : Presentation
  • Parallel session 8. Communities of innovation for Assurance of NBS schemes
    • Communities of innovation for natural assurance schemes by Elena Lopez Gunn (ICATALIST) : Presentation
    • SUL_NBS Partnership by Alexandru Matei (ICLEI) : Presentation
    • Building besides water Case studies in Mures watershed, Romania by Kinga Krauze (ERCE) : Presentation
    • Natural Assurance SchemeLower Danube Case Study by Albert Scrieciu (Geoecomar) : Presentation
    • Innovating to understand investments in nature-based solutions for flood mitigation from the the point to the Danube scale by Julian Swinkels (Climate KIC) : Presentation