The Business Case for Investing in Soil Health

Submitted by Juraj Jurik on December 24, 2018 - 11:01am

Soil health also forms a key part of our action on climate change. Healthy soils can help us withstand the effects of climate change that we are locked into, whilst avoiding soil and land degradation and increasing soil carbon stores could help us deliver our commitments to reduce emissions and limit global warming to 2 ⁰C.

The purpose of this publication is to:

• highlight the multiple dimensions of
the business case for investing in
soil health;
• demonstrate how businesses
across continents and sectors have
already begun to invest; and,
• identify the key opportunities and
next steps for scaling up action and
investment in soil health.

WBCSD (2018). The Business Case for Investing in Soil Health. Geneva.
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