Cooling our Cities: Advances in Science and Design for the Mitigation of Urban Heat - ThinkNature Webinar 2

Submitted by Somarakis Giorgos on March 19, 2019 - 4:31pm
Mattheos Santamouris - Professor of High Performance Architecture, University of New South Wales, Australia

This document concerns the first presentation about mitigating climate change in urban areas, presented by Mattheos Santamouris during the second ThinkNature webinar about " Technology and Practice of NBS ". This webinar invited scientists, potential NBS practitioners, market actors and end users, to discover aspects relevant to technology and practice of NBS. In the context of this webinar, the above-mentioned issues were presented by major NBS experts and the attendees had the opportunity to participate in short surveys and pose their own questions regarding the presented issues to the speakers.

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