Submitted by Maria Lilli on September 16, 2019 - 3:41pm

This Handbook has been developed in the framework of the ThinkNature project. Its main objective is to gather and promote state-of-the-art knowledge regarding Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), comprising a comprehensive guide to all relevant actors. To this end, each aspect of NBS is investigated, from project development to financing and policy making, and is presented in a concise and comprehensive way, in order to be easily understandable. Regarding the EU agenda around NBS, this Handbook contributes to:
• Expanding the knowledge base about the effectiveness of NBS, • Supporting the implementation of NBS through enhancing their replicability and upscaling, • Utilising the knowledge and experience of stakeholders, and • Proposing a comprehensive methodological approach for innovation.

Citation: Somarakis, G., Stagakis, S., & Chrysoulakis, N. (Eds.). (2019). Thinknature Nature-Based Solutions Handbook. ThinkNature project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Edited by: Giorgos Somarakis, Stavros Stagakis, Nektarios Chrysoulakis (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, FORTH) Graphics by: Thomas Gutteridge (Book on a Tree, Ltd) Layout by: Thomas Gutteridge (Book on a Tree, Ltd) Chapter covers by: Matthew Brown, Paul Mahony (Oppla) Drawings by: Luc Schuiten Proofreading by: Emma Cianchi (Book on a Tree, Ltd)
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