Using Co-creation to Stimulate Transition for Implementing NBS, I. Mahmoud - ThinkNature Webinar 4

This recording concerns the second presentation about "Using Co-creation to Stimulate Transition for Implementing NBS: Shared Governance, Spatial Challenges and Environmental Policies", presented by Israa Mahmoud during the fourth ThinkNature webinar at 5/6/2019 about "Governance Models for NBS: Policies, Strategies and Decision Making Mechanisms". This webinar invited policy makers, decision makers, end users and authorities from all levels (states, regions, municipalities, etc.) to discover the aspect of governance as to NBS and learn about the policy and decision making framework concerning NBS. In the context of this webinar, the above-mentioned issues were presented by major NBS experts and the attendees had the opportunity to participate in short surveys and pose their own questions regarding the presented issues to the speakers.

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