Sustainable Urbanisation in cities

This domain will initiate and sustain dialogue among the various stakeholders (private and public sector, architects, practitioners, policy maker), on nature-based solutions in the context of sustainable urbanization in cities and human well-being. The dialogue will address the available opportunities for existing and new NBS associated with materials, buildings and infrastructure in cities. The incorporation of NBS in building and at district level will also be explored. The generation of co-benefits through greening cities in relation with climate change adaptation and mitigation will be examined as well as the role of cultural heritage in renaturing cities and how to incorporate existing knowledge from historic buildings and districts in restoration with nature. The role and effectiveness of NBS in advancing sustainable and resilient infrastructure development and upgrade will be explored together with replication strategies for renovating cities with nature. Methods for robust monitoring of the performance and assessment of the impact of deployed NBS will be examined.

Interview with EU policy officer Josefine Enfedaque about NBS

Josefina Enfedaque is Policy Officer about Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Public Engagement in Nature-Based Solutions of European Commission (DG Research & Innovation).

Interview included the following questions:

  1. What are Nature-Based Solutions or NBS?
  2. What barriers to NBS implementation exist in Europe currently?
  3. What solutions could there be for overcoming these barriers?
  4. How optimistic are you about the future?
  5. What is your key message about NBS?

Interview with Victor Beumer, Consultant on Urban Nature-based Solutions

Victor Beumer is Cluster Manager for Hybrid Green & Grey Infrastructure at EU Water Platform (WssTp).

Interview included the following questions:

  1. Do you think business will lead the way in making NBS mainstream?
  2. What business culture change is needed? 
  3. What advise would you give to an individual trying to promote NBS within their business? 
  4. How cost-effective are NBS in relation to conventional solutions?
  5. What is your final message regarding NBS and business?

Interview with Ricardo Garcia Mira on Nature-based Solutions

Ricardo Garcia Mira is Professor in University of A Coruna, Department of Psychology and Director of People-Environment Research Group.

Interview included the following questions:

  1. What is your background in the research of Nature-Based Solutions?
  2. How do NBS offer new ways to meet existing challenges?
  3. Are you finding gaps in research that may hinder the propagation of NBS?
  4. What is the key message regarding governance and NBS?

Interview with Kristyna Pelikanova (European Investment Bank)

Kristyna Pelikanova is Civil Society Officer in SG/CR/CS - Civil Society Division of European Investment Bank.

Interview included the following questions:

  1. How would you define Nature-Based Solutions?
  2. Do NBS approaches help achieve environmental goals?
  3. What are the benefits of integrating NBS into urban areas?
  4. How is climate change affecting businesses and why should they care?

Interview with Anna Levonmaa, landscape architect in the city of Tampere

Anna Levonmaa is Landscape Architect at Tampereen kaupunki - City of Tampere.

Interview included the following questions:

  1. What are Nature-Based Solutions and have you implemented in your city?
  2. What are the benefits to implementing NBS in your city?
  3. Are there still significant gaps in research, which are hindering NBS propagation?
  4. What NBS would you like to see implemented in your municipality?

Interview with Marcus Collier about co-creation and innovation with NBS

Marcus Collier is Coordinator of Connecting Nature and Assistant Professor in School of Natural Sciences of Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin.

Interview included the following questions:

  1. How would you say NBS offer new ways of meeting existing challenges?
  2. Are there still significant gaps in research which are hindering NBS propagation?
  3. How effective is a co-creation project compared to a traditional retro-fitted plan?
  4. What is your next project?
  5. What is your key message about NBS?

Blended capital for nature-based infrastructure, O. Perera - ThinkNature Webinar 3

This recording concerns the second presentation about blended capital for nature-based infrastructure, presented by Oshani Perera during the third ThinkNature webinar at 17/5/2019 about "Financing and Business Models for NBS". This webinar invited NBS existing and potential practitioners (businesses such as start-ups, NGOs, etc.) to discover the economic aspect of NBS.